Birth Fusion Childbirth Education Series

Birth Fusion and Mother & Baby Source have teamed up to continue bringing you the same great classes our Davis community has come to expect, along with updates that new families have been asking for. Jennifer Anderson RN, has been a childbirth educator with Mother & Baby Source since 2007 and has guided scores of couples through the childbirth process. She is an experienced labor and delivery and pediatric nurse, and an active doula in the Davis community. Jennifer’s ongoing, hands-on, experience with birth, coupled with her professional birth photography, fuse well with her humor and enthusiasm to provide a realistic ad entertaining childbirth class experience.
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What sets the Birth Fusion Childbirth Education Series apart?

• Instructors who currently practice in their fields of expertise
• Use of current research to support the information provided
• Real-time labor simulation walk-through
• Meeting with the Nurse Manager of the Sutter Davis Birthing Center
• Emphasis on the benefits of labor support and hydrotherapy
• Q&A with a Sutter pediatrician in the Baby Care class
• A breath and relaxation class with local prenatal yoga teacher and massage therapist, Emily Bay
• Real-life photography of women who have been there

The Birth Fusion Childbirth Education Series is a comprehensive 5-class series, including childbirth classes, a baby care class, and a breastfeeding class. The childbirth classes are held on Sundays at Pence Gallery from noon-4:30pm. We devote 3 Sundays to covering all aspects of childbirth including anatomy and physiology of childbirth, preparing for the delicate 2 week post partum period, common medical interventions and medical pain relief options, and lastly, comfort measures and labor support techniques for the birth partner. We spend time discussing how our perception of pain can affect our labor experience. We also practice breathing and relaxation and walk through labor simulation to build familiarity with what comfort measures will be useful at what times in your labor.

The series continues with the Baby Care and Breastfeeding classes, held on 2 separate week nights at Mother & Baby Source from 6:30-9pm. These shorter classes will focus on all the questions you have about baby care and breastfeeding. They are less structured and try to cater to the questions and concerns of the group. We are lucky to have a Sutter Davis pediatrician visit our baby care class to answer your medical questions, including vaccinations.

Classes are designed to be taken all in one series, but we recognize that different couples have different needs and may need to mix and match to find the class series that meets their busy schedules. Look for the à la carte class options to put together a class series with dates that work for you, or choose the entire series as it’s scheduled. It’s up to you. You may also be interested in only one portion of the class series, such as the childbirth birth portion. You have the option to register and pay for only that portion of the series. We recommend the entire series for all first time families. We also offer the 3rd childbirth class as a stand-alone class for repeat families wanting a refresher. This class is perfect for those families.

The fee for the complete childbirth class series is $240. We recommend taking a class series that will end 1-2 months before your due date.

Visit BirthFusion‘s web site for class schedules and to registerRegister here

If you have any other questions that were not answered here, please email me at or call 530-902-3396