Customer Reviews

★★★★★ rating! Mother & Baby Source is an awesome store. The lady who helped me was knowledgeable and helpful. They have a great selection and fair prices. The free gift wrapping is beautiful too!
Carie H. • West Sacramento, CA

★★★★★ I had a great experience during my first visit to Mother and Baby Source today! I picked out a diaper bag online but (until today) I was unable to find it in person so that I could really take a good look at it. I saw that this specialty store carries the brand I was interested in but I thought I would be lucky if they carried the model of bag let alone the specific pattern because it appears to be a small shop and diaper bag options are endless. I decided to check it out just in case. I lit up right away when I walked through the door of the shop and saw the bag and pattern I was searching for! My next thought was hopefully there isn’t a huge mark-up from the online price. No mark-up at all! I walked out with exactly what I wanted and some other goodies as well and you just can’t do any better than that! I’ll be coming back to support this local shop again and again. They have many other products that I’m interested in as well. I didn’t feel any sales pressure and the staff was very pleasant. Perfect experience; so glad I stopped by!
Victoria D. • Vacaville, CA

★★★★★ I may not be a mom but I do have many young nieces and nephew that I get things for. I don’t exactly know what infants and toddlers would need rather than toys and the people there are always super helpful (introducing me to Sophie the giraffe for teething toddlers and swim bottoms for tots that don’t need a diaper insert). The store is so cute and I just love feeling the stuff animals that they have. They’re super duper soft… makes me want one for myself (haha). They have sale items in a backroom, which is where I head for presents. It is a little expensive to me but it is a small store with quality items. They also do wrapping for free and the paper that they use is beautiful. It was done carefully and finished off with a ribbon :] Vania C. • Davis, CA

“This little shop is absolutely wonderful! Their selection is great and the staff is always quick to help without being pushy or breathing down your neck the entire time. They always offer me a place to nurse my baby, change his diaper, or just take a break. I love that! Small businesses like these are what it’s all about and I appreciate their work and dedication to all things parenting. This place is a great resource for all new parents as well as any human that knows a child and wants to get them something truly special and worthwhile. Always check this shop before browsing online or driving to a big chain, chances are the price is comparable and the service is unbeatable. Oh and if you have a teething baby: GET THE TEETHING BANANA, worth every penny and more! In fact get the banana and the corn shapes. Ask them about it, they’ll know exactly what you need and be incredibly helpful. You can count on it! :)”
Arley P.

“I had a great experience today at this cute shop. I needed a gift for my friend’s baby’s first birthday party. I received helpful tips and suggestions at a variety of price points. Extensive and well curated selection of baby items, and they offer complimentary gift wrap!”

“Every time we walk by this store my toddler wants to go in. She can play in the kid area while I shop. They have great shoes for kids and lots of other stuff for young kids, including books, toys, cribs, nursing stuff. The list is endless. They also offer classes.”

“I love this store, the people that work there and the owner. It is such a wonderful resource for me. They have everything I have needed (or didn’t know I needed) through out these first four years of motherhood. There is a bathroom (with toddler seat), breastfeeding space, changing table (with extra diapers if you forgot yours) and a corner for kids to play in with toys. They are so knowledgable here, I can’t really fully convey how much they have helped me. When my first wasn’t sleeping and I was slowly going nuts they recommended a different swaddling blanket that worked wonders. When she was getting sick over and over again with the start of daycare they recommended a snot snucker that was so amazing that I have given it as a gift at baby showers at least 10 times now. Wipes causing a rash, they have a solution. Breastfeeding issues, they have lactation consultants, supplies, and suggestions. The helped me buy my babies first shoes, they helped me learn how to use a moby, my list can keep going and going. Basically, this store is like the really knowledgable loving aunt that everyone wishes they had.”

“I first came to Mother & Baby Source a year ago for a Baby Signs class with my infant daughter. After the class I checked out this wonderful store and I fell in love. There are so many items from brands (like Pediped, Saltwater sandals, Trumpette, Prince Lionheart, etc.) that I’ve searched for at several stores and online, now all in one independent, local store. I find the prices are comparable to large chain stores and no shipping (of course).

Any questions I’ve had were answered; suggestions were offered as well. As my daughter grows I find more items in this store that fit each new season, all with the same great customer service.

One thing I specifically look for at this store are unique gifts for special occasions. I have purchased Grandmother memory books, imaginative story starters, culturally sensitive items and baptism gifts at this store that I have not seen elsewhere. These types of items set this store apart from any other and keep me coming back.”

“I LOVE Mother and Baby Source, you can’t put a price on AMAZING customer service!”

“Thank you for supporting me and other local artists. And thank you for running such an amazing store. It is very unique and a real treasure for moms!”
Naomi of Naomi Kalman Handmade

“Thank you so much for hosting the “New Parent’s Support Group” on Wednesday mornings. The group has made such an impact in our life, we have met such wonderful friends and have had the many questions answered by Kate (the group facilitator who is a very kind woman). We have also enjoyed shopping at your store and will be back for the Baby Signs Classes. Thank you again for opening your store by hosting classes and the Wednesday group. To you and your wonderful staff in the store, have a great New Year.”

“Mother’s Day seems the perfect time to tell you THANK YOU for making such a positive difference, not only in the community with your store, but also in the lines of “new” moms and “old” grandmas (Ha!). May you enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day!”

“I want to thank you for creating such a welcoming environment in your store. You and your staff have eased my transition into motherhood so beautifully. I continue to appreciate your expertise and knowledge of your products and feel so fortunate to have you as a resource. Thank you for all that you do to support moms in Davis!”

“I just want to thank you for helping me select my new sling and ergo! My baby has always loved being close to me and I so appreciate how you were so willing to help me select these two carriers that I love. Thanks again!”

“Mother and Baby Source has a wonderful selection and is an independent retailer. They also offer classes – which is very nice for families that are local to Davis!” 

“Mother and Baby Source saved me when I had my baby. I could find everything I needed that I couldn’t get at the big box stores, especially the items that are organic and environmentally friendly.”

“Another great local independent retailer! They have a back room for breast feeding or baby changing (diapers and wipes provided) you can also use their digital scale to weigh your little bundle o’ joy.”

“This is such a fun store! They have fantastic products for babies and moms (including many organic and all–natural ones) and at reasonable prices too.”

“Thank you so much for hosting the mother and baby group. The group is a wonderful community service & helped us feel more connected and part of the parent community. It is so great to have a baby–friendly place to come to change or feed baby. We greatly appreciate all that you offer and love your store!”
Stephanie & Arnold

“Your cheerfulness was greatly appreciated in gearing up for our baby’s shower. Thank you all for your fabulous assistance, patience, gift–wrapping, etc. Our shower was a great success and we will be seeing you again many times when we come back to shop in your store.”